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Special Oddcasions

Special Oddcasions was established in 2015

by writer and award-winning newspaper columnist Meredith C. Carroll, who still sends greeting cards.

(Actual cards that you have to put a stamp on and stick in the mailbox.

Because no one ever opens up an e-card and thinks of you fondly. Really, no one.)


In 2014, Meredith went in for her first-ever mammogram

and figured she'd walk out with a pat on the back and maybe a t-shirt or mug.

Instead she got a breast cancer diagnosis.

(Spoiler alert: she's fine).

Exactly a year after her implant surgery, which followed a bi-lateral mastectomy,

she texted a friend and said, "Happy Boob Day to me."

Her friend wrote back: "There should be a card for that."


Well, now there is

plus a whole bunch of other ones for all those twisted instances passed over by Hallmark for more traditional ones.

Have a friend who just lost everything in a divorce? Got a bad tattoo? Is going bald? Came out of the closet?

Went on yet another horrible Tinder date? Is the angriest yogi you've ever met? Know any annoying vegans?

Someone who likes to drink (way too much) wine? How about your friend's asshole-y baby?

You know that co-worker who cries a little too often in the office? Did someone fail at yet another diet?

What about you-know-who, who's a little too comfortable with Botox needles?

That buddy of yours who walks around with a fake therapy dog?

Yeah, we've got cards for all of that.

(You're welcome.)


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